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Positive Leaps provides a wide range of services designed to help children, their parents and families overcome behavioral issues that are disrupting home life and impacting school settings in a negative way.

Your child will come to the Day Treatment Center Monday through Friday, 8 hours daily until she/he has achieved all the goals you and your child’s therapist have identified on your child’s plan of care. Average length of stay is 66-85 treatment days.

Specialized Day Treatment Center
Our Day Treatment Center mimics the look and feel of a Early Childhood Learning Center. The program is designed for 18 month to 8 year old to replace problem behavior with positive behavior.
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Individual & Family Counseling
Designed for 18 month to 17 year olds who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health symptoms.
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Child Behavior Coaching for Parents
What parent hasn’t wished for “expert advice” when it comes to their child’s behavior? From “potty training” tips to more in-depth assistance in tackling behavioral issues, Positive Leaps provides a short consultation or more involved parent coaching.

Professional Training and Workshops
Positive Leaps training and workshops educate childcare-oriented, school, and healthcare professionals. Our training develops a better understanding of the “why” of child behavior to uncover what causes a child to react a certain way. The training and workshops provide tools that support effective behavior changes in young children.

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