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Hailee Carter, Ed.S, NCC, LPCC-S

Hailee Carter

Title: Certified Trauma Counselor

Graduate Degree: Masters Degree in Counseling and ED.S in Counseling- Indiana University

 Statement: What I find most rewarding in my work at Positive Leaps is having the opportunity to work with families and children in a proactive manner to positively impact their lives going forward. I have worked with children and families for years, and while it is rewarding to work with adolescents, I have come to value being given the opportunity to work with families before behaviors become too difficult to address

My most memorable moment at Positive Leaps was when Santa visited. I was new to the agency and seeing the joy on the faces of the clients was an absolute thrill! Seeing how much the agency put into giving our clients a wonderful holiday experience was a great way to celebrate the season.

I know that Positive Leaps is the best place for children with problem behaviors and their families because our team is committed to using consistency and structure that can be translated into the home. Our therapy team is constantly collaborating with each other and the behavioral staff to provide the most effective treatment possible to sustain progress in the home and school environments of our clients.

Children and families can count on Positive Leaps to provide a supportive, consistent, and welcoming environment to anyone who comes into our facility.


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