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A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. dba Positive Leaps, is an equal opportunity employer and upholds the principles of equal opportunity employment. It is the policy of A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. to provide employment, compensation and other benefits related to employment based on qualifications and performance, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, veteran status or disability, or any other basis prohibited by federal or state law. As an equal opportunity employer, A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. intends to comply fully with all federal and state laws and the information requested on this application will not be used for any purpose prohibited by law. Disabled applicants may request any needed accommodation. This application is intended to allow you, the applicant, to provide A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. with the information and data so that your suitability and qualifications can be fairly determined for the position(s) for which you are applying. Please complete this application and answer all questions completely.

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* Are you ineligible to be employed with a Ohio licensed health care entity as a result of being found guilty by a court of law for abusing, neglecting, or mistrearting individuals in a health care related setting?

* Are you able to perform all of the duties required by the position for which you are applying, without endangering yourself or compromising the safety, health, or welfare of the Children, Adult Clients or other Staff Persons?


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List any special skills or qualifications which you posses and feel are relevant to health care and the position for which you are applying. List CPR and First Aid Certification. THERAPISTS: Please list NPI and CAQH numbers

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The Applicant HEREBY CERTIFIES that the answers given on this Application For Employment, including any statements or answers provided by the Applicant during interview, are true and correct. The Applicant fully authorizes A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. to contact any references, past and present employers, persons, schools, law enforcement agencies and any other sources of information which may be relevant to the Applicant and this Application For Employment. It is understood and agreed that any misrepresentation, false statement, or omission by the Applicant will be sufficient reason for rejection of the Application For Employment or for dismissal from employment at any time, without recourse or liability to A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc.

The Applicant is hereby informed that the State of Ohio is deemed as an employment-at-will state. The A Haven For Kids, Inc. is a Ohio employer; therefore, the Ohio employment-at-will statutes and rules will apply to the employment status of all A Haven For Kids, Inc. Staff. Thus, no representative of the A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time and that A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. is not guaranteeing employment for anyone. No employment contract is created by virtue of the Applicant being hired by A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc.

If employed, the Applicant agrees to fully abide by all Staff Conduct And Workplace Standards, including professional ethics, safety rules, and a code of conduct for the A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc. The Applicant understands that the A Haven For Kids, Inc. is committed to maintaining a alcohol and drug-free workplace. The Applicant is informed that the A Haven For Kids, Inc. requires employment physical exams with various safety screenings including a drug test as a part of the hiring process. Also, if employed, the Applicant realizes that A Haven For Kids, Inc. conducts random drug testing of its employees.

The Applicant is informed that this Application will remain on file for 90 days for consideration. After 90 days, if the Applicant remains interested in a position with A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc., it will be necessary for the Applicant to recontact A Haven For Kids, Inc., Inc.

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