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Specialized Day Treatment

Specialized Day Treatment

At Positive Leaps, the Day Treatment Center is reserved for the very young child, ages 18 months through 8 years old, with significant behavior problems. Young children exhibit their emotional distress through behavior, since they are not able to process thoughts, feelings and experiences in the same way as an older child or teen. Children accepted for treatment in the Day Treatment Center have experienced significant behavioral difficulty and therefore are generally struggling to succeed at home, and/or at preschool or early grade school, and/or when out in the community. Children attend the Day Treatment Center five days a week, eight hours daily. The child receives Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, and Psychoeducational Therapy while at the Center. Family Therapy occurs once weekly. A licensed therapist determines if a child’s symptoms warrant the Day Treatment level of care.

·         For children ages 18 months through 8 years old


·         Five days per week, eight hours per day


·         Includes Individual Therapy, Group Therapy and Psychoeducational Therapy


·         Family Therapy held once per week


·         Research-based, proven methods of teaching children better means of communicating and exhibiting effective behavior


·         Programs are facilitated by and children are supervised by trained, licensed professionals


·         Outstanding success rate – most children can return to their “home” preschool or grade school within 10-12 weeks


·         For more information, call 513-777-2428



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