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Programs & Services

Positive Leaps provides a wide range of services designed to help children, their parents and families overcome behavioral issues that are disrupting home life and perhaps impacting school and educational settings in a negative way.

We recognize that every family and every child is different, and our programs are research based and then custom tailored to meet the needs of each family’s unique set of circumstances. 

Positive Leaps provides:

·         Specialized Day Treatment Center – Children accepted for treatment in the Day Treatment Center have experienced significant behavioral difficulty and therefore are generally struggling to succeed at home, and/or at preschool or early grade school, and/or when out in the community.  Our trained, professional staff understands your frustration and works with your child to develop more effective behavior patterns.


·         Out Patient Therapy/Intensive Out Patient Therapy– counseling services at Positive Leaps are tailored to your child and family’s situation.  Our Out Patient Therapy and Intensive Out Patient Therapy is for children ages 18 months through 17 years old who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health symptoms.  Family Therapy sessions may also be included.  Our licensed mental health therapists assist in identifying underlying causes and issues and helps facilitate families in creating a peaceful and more harmonious home life dynamic.


·         Professional Training and Workshops – Our training and workshops assist childcare-oriented, school, and healthcare professionals in developing a better understanding of the “why” of child behavior, meaning what causes a child to behave and react a certain way.  The training and workshops provide tools that support effective behavior changes in young children.


·         Child Behavior Coaching for Parents – What parent hasn’t wished for “expert advice” when it comes to their child’s behavior?  From “potty training” tips to more in-depth assistance in tackling behavioral issues, Positive Leaps provides a short consultation or more involved parent coaching.

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