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FAQs for Parents

1. Do you offer transportation for my child to your Center every day?

Positive Leaps does not operate a transportation fleet. Parents drop off their children in the morning on their way to work, and pick them up after work. For this reason, our hours of operation are extended. Positive Leaps opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. to accommodate parent work schedules.


Children who qualify for Medicaid may qualify for transportation services through their county Department of Job and Family Services. If your child is admitted to Positive Leaps, and you are in need of transportation services, please discuss your need during your child’s intake assessment, so that appropriate paperwork can be completed.


2.      Does my child attend the Day Center daily?

If your child is accepted for treatment at the Positive Leaps Day Treatment Center, your child will attend Monday through Friday, a minimum of eight hours daily. Our Center is open 11 hours daily to accommodate variations in parent work schedules.


3.      What are Positive Leaps hours of operation?


Positive Leaps opens its offices at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Emergency (medical) contact information is included on the night outbound recording.


4.      What will my child eat while at the Center?

Parents pack a small morning snack, a lunch, and an afternoon snack each day for their child. Parents provide ½ gallon of milk for their child to consume three times a day while at Positive Leaps. Information about what the State of Ohio requires for a parent to pack in these meals is discussed at the time of admission. Positive Leaps does not possess a catering license and therefore does not cook or prepare food products.


5.      My child has significant food allergy / food intolerance. Will he be safe?

Parents pack a small morning snack, a lunch and an afternoon snack for their child to consume each day. In this way, you are in control of what food is accessible to your child. We ask parents for information about their child’s health status prior to admission, in part so we know how to safely care for your child during the time he is with us. Staff are trained in emergency responses and medication administration (for instance, your child may have an EpiPen auto-injector for significant food allergies) and all children with medical problems have a written plan of care on file with us. We post precautions regarding allergies and intolerances in the children’s kitchen area as well. Any food product brought in to Positive Leaps is required to be nut-free. If a parent brings in a food item to share, we check to make sure your child can tolerate the product before it is shared with your child. You may also ask that no food offered by another parent (cupcakes for a birthday for instance) be presented to your child.


6.      How am I involved in my child’s treatment?

Positive Leaps welcomes, encourages and requires parental participation in their child’s treatment programming. You will be directly involved in a number of ways. You will participate in the development of and regular review of your child’s treatment goals and plan of treatment. You’ll attend weekly counseling sessions with your child’s therapist and your child. You’ll learn how to use our Methods at home, and actually do hands-on practice while at Positive Leaps, and you’ll become a master at using those Methods. During drop off and pick up times each day, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your child’s day with his direct care providers, and we will keep you informed with Daily Logs. You are welcome at any time in our facility. We are a small facility and pride ourselves in having close contact with the families we serve.


7.      What supplies will my child need while at Positive Leaps?


If your child still naps, he will need a blanket and his comfort item (no pacifiers). He will need a complete change of clothing to keep in his cubby. He will need a box of facial tissues, wipes, and a package of disposable spoons or forks, and a package of Dixie cups. As mentioned above, your child will need a packed morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack each day. You’ll also supply your child with milk.

If your child is still in diapers, you’ll need to provide diapers and wipes. If your child is toilet training, you’ll need to provide extra underwear and shorts/pants.

School-aged children will need some school supplies. When your child is in need of replenishment of his supplies, we will inform you in your nightly Parent Daily Log.


8.      My school-aged child needs your program. What do I do about his school work?


Positive Leaps collaborates with your child’s school. Your child’s school will send school work for your child to complete. Frequently parents are asked by the school to pick up and drop off work. Other schools prefer to mail it, fax it, or email the work. Your child works on his school work while at Positive Leaps, and the completed work is returned to the school. During summer months when school is not in session, parents provide their child Math, Science and Language Arts work books, so Positive Leaps staff can evaluate a child’s behavioral response when presented with learning work, and to help a child keep up academic skills.  Positive Leaps welcomes and encourages visits by your child’s teacher/principal/school staff at any time. When it is time for your child to return to his classroom, your school is invited to attend a planning meeting and we assist in the transition of your child back to his “home” school.


9.      How is my child’s treatment paid?


Your child’s services are billed to your child’s health insurance company. Positive Leaps is paneled on most private health insurance plans. Positive Leaps also accepts Medicaid, or Medicaid H.M.O.s, such as CareSource, Molina, Buckeye, WellCare, United Health Care Medicaid Program, etc. Positive Leaps works with you and your insurance company to determine benefits and payment.


10.  If Positive Leaps is a partial hospital program, why does it look like an early learning center in the area of the building where the children spend their day?


The treatment area mimics the look of, and the child engages in many of the activities he might encounter in an early learning center, by design. This serves two purposes. First, most young children spend a good deal of their day in a day care center, preschool, or early grade school. It is a familiar environment, and less anxiety-producing than if Positive Leaps were to look like a hospital. Second, children with problem behaviors often struggle with their behavior at day care, preschool or early grade school. Mimicking that environment enables our therapeutic staff to recognize the function of misbehavior, and intervene effectively in “real-time.”


11.  What does it mean for Positive Leaps be “Accredited” by CARF and “Certified” in Ohio?


CARF International (www.carf.org) is an independent credentialing body. Earning Accreditation by this prestigious body is an indication of treatment and operational quality. The Accreditation process involves an on-site examination by a team of expert practitioners selected by CARF. The health care provider must demonstrate that it conforms to a series of rigorous and internationally recognized CARF standards. If a health care provider sufficiently demonstrated its conformance to the standards, it earns CARF Accreditation. Accreditation must be earned every three years. CARF Accreditation assures consumers of health care services, third-party payers of those services, and community stakeholders that the Accredited entity provides quality health care services and operates responsibly as a business. Positive Leaps is Accredited in the area of Behavioral (Mental) Health, Children and Adolescents, Day Treatment and Out Patient Counseling


Certification occurs at the state level. To be certified as a mental health facility, the health care provider must submit to the State proof of Accreditation (see above), along with a completed application detailing the services it provides, and pay a fee to the state..







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