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"We were so desperate and lost when we called to have our initial meeting...Throughout the year we learned coping skills and better ways to handle situations and parent our child's special needs...We were crying with tears of desperation when we met you and now we are crying with tears of happines...what you do is simply amazing!" -Tracy

Positive Leaps for Parents

Do you wish your child came with an instruction manual?

Sure, we all do!  All parents have thought, “I wish someone would tell me what to do!” when it comes to parenting their child – especially if the child is experiencing difficulty.

Positive Leaps can help your child overcome behaviors that stand in the way of success at school, at home, and in the community.  Such behaviors include:

· Aggressive behavior that causes issues with siblings, peers, teachers, and other  authority figures

· Biting, hitting, spitting, and other behaviors intended to harm others

· Tantrums, destroying property, throwing objects, overturning furniture

· Foul language and other behavior that disrupts education or peaceful home life

Parents, you are not alone!

Did you know that many children struggle with problem behaviors? In 2005, Yale researchers found that 10% of preschool teachers reported expelling a child from preschool within the past year. The rate of expulsion for preschool children is 3.2 times higher than the expulsion rate for children in kindergarten through 12th grade! When a child is expelled from preschool or early grade school, parents are usually at a loss. Positive Leaps may be able to help your child return to school or child care center in a relatively short time. Our average length of treatment is just 72 days.

Everyone can benefit from encouragement!

Families play an important role in a child’s social, emotional and behavioral development. Positive Leaps provides support and counseling for parents and siblings of the children admitted to the Day Treatment Program. Parents and family members who participate in family therapy increase the odds for effective behavioral improvement in the child.

How Positive Leaps Delivers:

The Positive Leaps professionals help your children in an accelerated learning environment.  Our clinicians understand the challenges you and your child are facing and are trained in proven techniques that change negative behavior.  We provide:

· Licensed Mental Health Professionals trained in behavioral interventions

· Low child-to-staff ratio

· Daily updates about your child’s progress

· Weekly family therapy

· Parent coaching

· Collaboration with your child’s “home” preschool or school teachers

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