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  • “We are so thankful for you! Every one of you are amazing at what you do - and it shows in (our daughter)! You have helped our family grow and learn over the last 6 months. We can finally breathe and enjoy family time." - Laura

    About Us

    ShereeLynchPositive Leaps was founded by experienced health care professional, Sheree Lynch.  As a Registered Nurse, Sheree has provided a wide variety of health services to children of all ages.  She has long been active in the Cincinnati area as an advocate for mental health and chemical dependency services for adolescents.  She recognized the need for early intervention services for youth with behavioral issues.

    In 2012, Sheree began efforts to make an immediate impact in the lives of children by assisting families with behavior change using research-based methods.  Today, Positive Leaps provides Day Treatment, mental health assessment and counseling services to young children and their families, child behavior coaching for parents, and training services to professionals throughout the greater Cincinnati Region.

    Positive Leaps

    Our Mission:
    Shaping positive behavior and developing effective skills, we change the lives of children and enhance the future of our community.

    Our Vision:
    By improving the lives of families and ultimately our community, we will become the dominant and preferred provider of early mental health intervention services to very young children and their families.

    Positive Leaps has established  full three-year Accreditation by CARF International for Day Treatment AND Outpatient Mental Health Counseling; Behavioral Health, Children and Adolescents. CARF awards Accreditation to facilities that demonstrate commitment to improving the lives of persons served through excellence in leadership, data-driven decision-making, and clinical service provision.

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