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“My husband and I are so thankful for you and your husband. When we met you, we couldn't believe that there was someone that would care about our child and help him in a positive way. It was so touching to learn that you dedicated your life’s work to this center for children. The staff is very unique and super sweet. God is present in your center and this is impressive as well. We were so desperate and lost when we called to have our initial meeting.

 Afterwards we left through the doors with hope for us and our child. Your center is everything wrapped up in one package. We started our child around Thanksgiving time and even our Christmas was very different. He was much more manageable and we were able to relax and have quality family time together. Throughout the year we learned coping skills and better ways to handle situations and parent our child’s special needs. It took some practice and there were changes in our approach, our attitude and our home practices. Our personal family therapist helped us make these changes step by step. She understood our struggles and we prioritized each issue and set goals to work on things until they were better.

This program is hand’s down is one of the best things we have done for our child and our family. We are glad that our son has graduated!! He has real feelings, is happy, has self-confidence, and is doing fantastic in regular school!! We have had our last family session with you and it is a bittersweet time for us. You have helped us learn and grow so much over the past year. As we think back to this time last year, our lives are SO MUCH BETTER!! We were crying with tears of desperation when we met you and now we are crying with tears of happiness. We are so grateful for everything you and your staff do! I had no idea how everyone can be so happy and patient every day. What you do is simply amazing!! If you ever need anything from us, we’d be happy to help!!” –TG

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for doing this program.  Your school is amazing and a true godsend......IT has been hard at times but in the end worth every LEAP!" - Danielle

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