Take a positive leap to better behavior at home, school and among friends!  

Positive Leaps is a Specialized Day Treatment Program to help families who are discouraged by their child’s temper tantrums and aggressive behavior such as hitting, biting or kicking.  If your child is inattentive or has been suspended from daycare or school, our proven, research-based methods help children learn positive behaviors that soon replace problem behaviors.

We Serve:

Children ages 18 months-8 years old who:

·         Are having frequent temper tantrums

·         Exhibit aggressive behavior

·         Have trouble with paying attention

·         Have been dismissed from daycare or preschool

·         Have been suspended or expelled from grade school

Children Receive:

In three short months, your child could:

·         Be back on track with positive behavior

·         Eliminate negative behavior

·         Be ready to return to school/daycare


Parents Will Experience:

Parents will have hope for the future!  You can look forward to:

·         Relief in seeing your child’s progress

·         Optimism about your child’s future

·         Stability in your schedule

·         Accomplishment in knowing you did what was best for your child



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“My wife and I were at wit’s end as to what to do with our son. His discipline and sensory problems had led him to being kicked out of two standard day care facilities…..in a few short months under your care, he has improved immensely in areas such as following directions, staying on task…..(he) has now returned to a mainstream day care and doing quite well.” West Chester, OH
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